Basalt Industries Development Union President’s Word


A. Nikitin at the International Conference “Composites and Compounds 2017″ Photo: INVENTRA

Basalt Industries Development Union was established in 2015 and is an independent non-governmental organization. We unite the producers of basalt fiber, trading enterprises, scientists and engineers who own basalt technologies, public authorities responsible for implementing industrial policy, investors and foreign partners.


On our website you can get acquainted with the goals and objectives of the Union, the main documents, its structure and members, learn about plans and current activities, rules for joining the Union.


Welcome to the website of the Union of Basalt Industry Development!


Yours faithfully,

President of the Union

Andrei Vladislavovich Nikitin

How to become a member of the Union?

We invite to cooperation commercial and state structures, branch organizations and scientific institutes, and also private persons working in the basalt industry.

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About the industry

The modern world market of man-made fibers is about 20 million tons per year. And, although the share of enterprises producing continuous basalt fiber (CBF) and its products in this market is still extremely low (about 15 thousand tons per year), the prospects for their application are very wide.

Application of materials

Technological solutions with the use of basalt are relevant for the construction industry, aviation and automotive industry, energy and electronics industry, petrochemical and metallurgical industry, cryogenic and medical spheres.

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